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North Atlantic Right Whale Vessel Speed Rule Assessment, NOAA 2020

Characterizing residence patterns of North Atlantic right whales in the southeastern USA with a multi state open robust design model

Effectiveness of mandatory vessel speed limits for protecting North Atlantic right whales. Endangered Species Research

Finding for a Petition To Exclude Federally-Maintained Dredged Port Channels From New York to Jacksonville From Vessel Speed Restrictions Designed To Reduce Vessel Collisions With North Atlantic Right Whales

Final rule to implement speed restrictions to reduce the threat of ship collisions with North Atlantic right whales

Final Environmental Impact Statement To Implement Vessel Operational Measures to Reduce Ship Strikes to North Atlantic Right Whales

Recovery Plan for the North Atlantic Right Whale (Eubalaena glacialis)  

Savannah River Approach, Chart 11505

Compliance with vessel speed restrictions to protect North Atlantic right whales 

Assessment of Final Rule to Implement Vessel Speed Restrictions to Reduce the Threat of Vessel Collisions with North Atlantic Right Whales

Final Integrated Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement, Charleston Harbor Post 45

Vessel strikes to large whales before and after the 2008 Ship Strike Rule

Vessel collisions with whales: the probability of lethal injury based on vessel speed

Charleston Harbor Entrance and Approach, Chart 11528


Charleston, South Carolina, Navigation Study 

Hydrodynamics of a ship/whale collision

Development of a numerical model to predict impact forces on a North Atlantic right whale during collision with a vessel

Modeling the effect of vessel speed on Right Whale ship strike risk

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